What is Remapping?

Many people are unsure of exactly what remapping is and how it can improve their car. Below we have answered some of the more common questions people have asked.

What is a remap?
Within the ECU software there are many tables of data or 'maps' as they are more commonly known.The ECU uses these maps as reference when calculating various engine input adjustments.These maps can be modified or "Remapped" to optimise the fuel delivery, ignition timing, boost pressure, torque limiters, smoke limiters etc.
How does it work
Most modern engines are controlled by a small computer called an ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU constantly monitors the various sensors on the engine and makes small adjustments different parameters to ensure efficient running at all times.The manufacturers software is usually stored on an Eprom (chip) inside the ECU. By modifying it, we can significantly increase both the efficiency and power/torque output of an engine.
How long does it take?
The process typically takes 60 - 90 minutes to complete depending on the car. Newer cars like the latest Ford's and Mercedes can take up to 3 hours to remap.If the car's ECU needs to come out, then allow at least 4 hours. This work is done in Tredegar. We do not offer a mobile service for this work due to the delicate nature of the job.
Can you remap any vehicle?
We can remap approximately 90% of cars and vans that are on the road. We cover most of the major manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, VW and Mercedes. Please note we do not offer remaps for all makes and models. For example, we do not offer remaps for any Volvo's or Subaru's. Please contact us to find out if we can remap your vehicle.
Can remapping improve my fuel consumption?
If you drive you car in a sensible manner then an improvement in fuel consumption is achievable. Average feedback from our customers is that they see approx an extra 5mpg after a remap. We always suggest that customers enjoy the first couple of tanks before seeing the improvement as its always tempting to try out the new performance!
Why don't the manufacturers do it in the first place?
When writing software, vehicle manufacturers make a lot of compromises to allow for the many different countries in which their vehicles are sold. They have to allow for extremes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, fuel quality etc ensure reliable operation and emissions compliance.In short, they de-tune their engines so they can be sold all over the world yet maintain the level of reliability and longevity expected from a modern engine. In reality, UK cars will never even get close to these extremes. Therefore they can safely produce much more power and torque without compromising reliability.This is achieved by remapping the manufacturers software to better suit the conditions here in the UK thus unleashing the true potential of your engine.
What about my insurance company? Should I tell them about the remap?
A remap is a modification albeit hard to detect. It is a legal requirement to inform your insurance company if you modify your vehicle in any way. It is however the customers choice as to whether or not they inform their insurance company. There are specialist insurance companies out there that cater for modified vehicles and will not penalise you for remapping your vehicle.
Can the remap program be removed?
Yes the process is completely reversible. Before we remap your car, we download and save the original file from your ECU. Unlike some other tuners, when we reverse the remap we use the original file from your ECU and not an interpretation.Whilst a remap is the most cost effective way to unlock the hidden performance in your car what it CANNOT DO is fix any hardware issues. If you feel your car has lost power over the course of weeks, months etc then a remap will NOT CURE the problem. In most cases it will make it worse. Therefore it is important that your car and engine are in good working order to reap the full benefit of the remap.

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